Weaving gathering - Yarrawarra 2020 Saltwater Freshwater


Bek-Jean Stewart-Love is an Illusion

Bek- Jean Stewart - Red Light

Promotional video Bellingen Youth Orchestra 2018

Youth Against Plastic - 2018 - Centre for Ecological Learning

Accept Difference, TVC 2016

Accept Difference is a social awareness campaign fostering understanding about disability and inclusion on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. 

Produced and Directed by Nancy Sposato http://nancysposatoprojects.com Animation by Amy Alexander

Original Music Composition by Mark Finsterer.

Filmed by 'And the trees'

"Pot of Honey" The Mid North

'Rosewood' - The Mid North

Filmed in various locations around Bellingen, NSW. 

Brentyn Lugnan for Ontera-Milliken.

Brentyn is a featured Gumbaynggirr artist who works with the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance and National Aboriginal Design Agency (a social enterprise of Saltwater Freshwater).

Centre for Ecological Learning, presented Spirit! Listen to the Land, Bellingen Winter Music 2018.

How did our river form, how did the plateau get so high, where did the valleys come from? Why did it all happen that way, and where do humans fit into the picture?

Arts Network Bellingen proudly presents OUTA - Open Up To Art - a weekend of art and creativity in Bellingen. November 11-12, 2017 Sponsored by Bellingen Shire Council and Arts Mid North Coast.

'Wolf (First Aid Kit cover)' - Saije (Shanteya and Joe)

"Darling Corey" The Mid North

"Carry Me Home" The Mid North

Honey & Knives recording their 2018 album. A sneak peek at the recording process. 

Pat has been growing organic veggies out on North Bank road for over 50 years and over that time she has learnt a thing or two about potatoes.

This film was made by Jason Brown, Steve Grace & myself and we were proud to have it win the Coffs coast ‘Local Food’ film festival 2012.

and the trees photography


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